Born out of the dynamic intersection of experimental film, fine arts, and skateboarding culture, Rob Mead emerged as an innovative director and filmmaker.
Raised in the commercial industry, he honed his craft through the lens of post-production, developing a keen understanding of storytelling. This intimate relationship with the editing process served as a springboard, propelling him into the realm of directing.
With a profound fascination for the nuances of sound design and the power of shaping meaning through absence, Rob has dedicated his 20-year career to pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling. Notable highlights include collaborating with Grey Advertising on transforming standard behind the scenes content for Canon’s Project Imagination into an inspiring series that aired across cinemas, tv spots, and YouTube.
Drawing inspiration from the raw authenticity of home movies, he infuses his work with a sense of intimacy and nostalgia that resonates on a universal level. His journey has led him to embrace a deeper exploration of cinema as a means of personal storytelling and abstract thought.
Rob is based in New York City.

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